Ashish Singhal

Graduate Computer Engineering Student



Mr. Nishant Sharma

Director and Head Architect, Embedded Systems Group, Kritikal Solutions Pvt Ltd

Ashish was associated with us during his winter internship Dec 2007 - Feb 2008. I came to know him as a brilliant, dedicated and motivated individual. He displayed a systematic and logical approach towards solving the problem at hand, and has a knack for grasping new concepts.


Mr. Rajesh Rohilla

Associate HOD and Assistant Professor, E&C Engg Dept, DCE

Ashish is a brilliant and diligent student of his class and is an enthusiastic learner. Very motivated about engineering itself as a subject. He possesses great analytical skills and is adept at thinking out of the box. He is a very intelligent and a high achieving scholar who has consistently maintained his merit profile within the top ranks in the institution.


Dr. S. K. Agarwal

Senior Scientist, Cryogenics Dept, National Physical Laboratory

I have known Ashish for the past six years. For the period during which he has been associated with our organization, I had ample opportunity to observe him in the capacity of advisor and mentor. He is a hard working and dedicated student. He is not afraid of failures, infact he is one person who understands his limitations and always gives his best for improving on it. He has very strong motivation for further studies and research work.


Mr. Narendra K. Tyagi

Advisory Project Manager, IBM India Pvt Ltd

Ashish started working under my direct supervision in the month of June 2007. Since then I have had ample time to coach and mentor him in the capacity of Project Manager. He is a highly focused person with creativity and grasping ability of very high standards. He is always keen to learn new things and implemented his theoretical knowledge dexterously in the assigned project. He is not only hard working but also completes the tasks given efficiently and swiftly.


Mrs. S. Indu

Senior Lecturer, E&C Engg Dept, DCE

Ashish is a keen observer and attentive to the theories and concepts. He easily assimilates the knowledge and is able to comprehend the various engineering fundamentals thoroughly. He is dexterous and adept at practical work in the laboratory and is able to apply his learning on the ground in the various projects with competence and confidence.