Ashish Singhal

Graduate Computer Engineering Student



Embedded Systems & Computer Architechture


The development of the information society has had a major effect on all industries. To stay competitive, IT-companies mediating such effects have to invest in human talent, and to identify development methodologies, tools and techniques that are capable of efficiently exploiting the ever advancing semiconductor technology. Both the pace of change in this technology and the complexity of the problems to be solved, are increasing. Embedded systems technology will be a key building block in nearly all intelligent products. This is a yet-evolving product class calling on technology from other classes, e.g. software, microprocessors, memory, analog and mixed signal systems, and reprogrammable circuits (FPGAs).

Research Experiences

Research Intern

at Central Computing Facility, National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

Supervisors: Dr. Ravi Mehrotra and Dr. Ashish Ranjan

Implemented TCP/IP, USB and LCD Display drivers in FreeRTOS for ATMEL series of microcontrollers. This was done as a part of their BrainOxy Meter Project during winter, 2006.


Research Intern

at Cryogenics Department, National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

Supervisor: Dr. S. K. Agarwal

Worked on CMR materials to be used in designing spintronic mamories and High Capacity memory systems. This project was carried out as a part of CMR material development project during summer, 2005.