Ashish Singhal

Graduate Computer Engineering Student

About Me

I am a graduate student pursuing Master's degree from Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering at University of Florida and willing to specialise in embedded systems and computer architecture. I completed my undergraduate degree from Computer Engineering Department at Delhi College of Engineering (DCE), Delhi University.

I got exposure to these fields during my stay at DCE, one of the top ranked engineering colleges in India. To further enhance my knowledge, I joined the graduate program at University of Florida. Added to my strong interest in Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture, I have just found a new interest in learning German.

I spent my junior summer as an Intern with IBM India Pvt Ltd. Here I worked in one of their most complicated BHARATI SO BPO project under Project Manager Mr. Narendra K Tyagi.

I spent my sophomore winter as a research intern at Central Computer Facility, National Physical Laboratory, Delhi working on FreeRTOS for ATMEL microcontrollers under the guidance of Dr. Ashish Ranjan and Dr. Ravi Mehrotra.

I spent my sophomore summer as an Intern with SIEMENS Public Communication Networks Pvt Ltd. Here I learnt about GSM and CDMA technologies used in Mobile Networks.

I spent my freshman summer as a research intern at Cryogenics Department, National Physical Laboratory under the guidance of Prof. S. K. Agarwal, Senior Scientist. Here I worked on spintronic memories and high capacity memory systems.


Graduate Level Subjects Taken

  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Computer Architecture Principles
  • Mobile Computing
  • Operating Systsms Principles
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems


Updates! (in reverse chronological order)

  • Visiting India for two weeks during May. (31 Mar 2009)
  • Got an offer for Summer Internship from Qualcomm Inc. (20 Mar 2009)
  • Completed Fall semester with a GPA of 3.66/4 (10 Dec 2008)
  • Joined University of Florida's Graduate Program in Computer Engineering. (18 Aug 2008)
  • Completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Delhi college of Engineering with an aggregate of 73.28%.(16 June 2008)
  • Started my winter internship at Kritikal Solutions Pvt Ltd.(04 Dec 2007)
Mr. Nishant Sharma has something to say

Director and Head Architect, Embedded Systems Group, Kritikal Solutions Pvt Ltd

Ashish was associated with us during his winter internship Dec 2007 - Feb 2008. I came to know him as a brilliant, dedicated and motivated individual. He displayed a systematic and logical approach towards solving the problem at hand, and has a knack for grasping new concepts.